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The Marshall County School District's 2023 Accountability data is posted in the chart below. While we realize we are not as high as we'd like to be, we are proud of the hard work by our staff and students to continue MOVING MARSHALL forward. Congratulations to Byhalia High School, H.W. Byers Elementary, and Galena School on earning a B for their accountability rating!
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"Nothing is impossible. Even the word itself says I'm Possible."  This book is a must have for children of all ages who like to take a look into their future and imagine the places they will go. Even when we don't fit society's norm, we should be reminded that's okay. The idea for this book came from witnessing discouragement as a result of the way a person looks, their background, or gender as well as witnessing adjustments to ourselves to adjust to what is deemed acceptable. This book is a perfect kid-friendly tool to start early making sure your little ones know there shouldn't be limits to success based on who they are and how they look. Anything is possible regardless of age, gender, race, or sex. I hope you enjoy this book just as much as I enjoy making it and it speaks to your children or even to you as an adult.
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