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About MCSD
The Marshall County School District is composed of ten schools located throughout the county on six different campuses.

Marshall County is bordered by DeSoto and Tate Counties to the west, Lafayette County to the south, Benton County to the east and Shelby County (TN) to the North.

The Marshall County School District offers each of its K-12 students educational corridors marked with positive and stringent opportunities to ensure their success after graduation.

To learn more about the MCSD's individual schools, just click on the "Schools" tab at the top of this page and then select the school site that you wish to visit.

The Parent-Student Handbook provides much of the essential information needed for a successful school experience for students and parents. The handbook can be viewed/printed by clicking on the "Parents" tab on the district's home page and selecting "Student Parent Handbook".

We hope you, as a parent or student, find this web-site beneficial and welcome any comments you may have that would enhance the site.
Thank You for Your Years of Service
Thank You for Your Years of Service
Superintendent Lela Hale recognized Ella Isom McFadden for her 37 years of teaching, James Harris for his 25 years as a mechanic at the bus shop, and Bettye Williams for her 52.25-year teaching career. We appreciate their dedication and service in the Marshall County School District.
Congratulations to Elizabeth Moore for being presented the English II value-added award from PREPS.
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